EU added value

Europe plays a significant role in international footwear and leather trading, being one of the most ancient and dynamic markets. Italy and Spain, the main European footwear producers, account for 20% of the global leather footwear exports, with the European leather sector representing 25% of tanned leather produced worldwide.
The environmental benefit of this proposal is completely addressed to the EU footwear and leather companies (mainly SMEs) and not just to the companies participating in the proposal, which are the means to achieve the success.
Therefore, the SHOEBAT project actions will contribute to the demonstration and dissemination of the most environmentally-friendly techniques, thus helping the implementation of the European Integrated Product Policy and the adoption of the Best Available Technologies (BAT).
Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the high potential of the SHOEBAT project for a subsequent extension to the rest of the European countries and even to the rest of the world.